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Useful Resources for Rare Disease Patients

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Clinical Trials

View and be able to search for the most current clinical trials being conducted. See if you can join a study that is still recruiting.

Assistance Programs

  • Mayfield Chiari Center - Free Consultation.                                                                               If you suspect Chiari based on symptoms and signs, order a brain-cervical MRI plus cine-flow MRI (CPT 76125). Submit a completed pre-screening questionnaire and copies of the radiology reports to chiari@mayfieldchiaricenter.com or fax 513-475-8664. A neuroradiologist and neurosurgeon will review your case at no cost and will provide you with a prompt response regarding your case within 72 hours of receiving your form and reports. Click Here to view an informative video highlighting Chiari Malformation and it's overlap with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.
  • Rx 4 NJ - a no cost service connecting qualified New Jersey residents to discounted - or even free - prescription medications. 
  • HRSA - for those with no medical insurance, you can find a federally funded health care center
  • Free Tens Unit - Download the application in order to obtain your free Tens Unit via Medical Products Online, Inc. Simply print the application and have your doctor/physician fill out the form. Fax it, mail it, or scan and email to the given address available at the top of the application. 
  • Government Benefits - find out which government benefits you may be eligible to receive
  • College Scholarships and Financial Aid for Students with Disabilities
  • Resources for Students with Disabilities 

Parental Emotional

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