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Mission Statement

At EDSers United, our team is dedicated to establishing the Wellness Institute for Rare Conditions (W.I.R.C.).

Mission: To advance research, improve diagnostic tools, establish efficacious and cost-effective treatment and management protocols for underserved rare genetic conditions, and provide high quality, comprehensive health and wellness services to the “whole,” medically complex patient in order to achieve a maximum level of wellness. Our clinical vision is to assist with complex rare genetic conditions, diseases, and illnesses and optimize outcomes by providing quality-driven, efficient and responsive health care services that meet the needs and expectations of the rare disease community we serve. At EDSers United we set high standards of performance for ourselves and for others. Our research vision is to develop and deploy cutting-edge science to understand rare genetic conditions, establish efficacy of promising treatment options, and to engage diverse stakeholders in conversation about solutions to advancing these rare genetic conditions. 

EDSers United is a nonprofit organization operating as a public charity, incorporated within the state of New Jersey. All donations to EDSers United are tax-deductible. EDSers United is run by a dedicated team of volunteers passionate about serving the rare disease community through our established mission and purpose statement. 

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