The Art of Digital Design

The Art of Jewelry

Laura Lyons

is a 22 year old Crafter from Springfield, IL. She has EDS as well as many other secondary disorders such as Dysautonomia, Gastroparesis. Laura is homebound due to the severity of her condition. She requires tube feedings, fluids, blood transfusion, and oxygen for her day to day life. As her health got worse, she had to find something to fill her time, she decided to start making greeting cards. Each card is handmade with love. Each card has a label on the back with the EDS Awareness Ribbon as well as a link to Laura's story. So with each card given, awareness is being raised. All proceeds go to funding Laura's medical expenses. Laura is also willing to make any custom orders for any occasion. Click Here to visit Laura's Facebook page. Click Here to visit Laura's Blog. (2013)

Art of Paper Crafts

Sean O'Brien

is a Christian musician, singer, songwriter, producer and worship leader. A few years ago he was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Due to his health condition he was forced to retire. He had to step down from overseeing his church's worship team and later stepped down as  a musician and singer because of the effects of his condition. Although Sean is disabled and spends each day in tremendous physical pain, Sean continues to write and record music, as his condition allows. He does this with the hope that people will be ministered to God through his music. Click Here to listen to sean's music. (2013)

Maria Palm

a fellow EDSer, is an amazingly talented artist from Sweden. Painting provides Maria with an escape, allowing her to enter a world of peace and tranquility. Her brilliant creations speak for themselves. Click Here for more on Maria Palm. (2012)

Dani Davis-Robeson

is a Seattle artist, animal rights activist, LGBT activist, and advocate for those with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. She herself was born with EDS and struggles to get treatment for the incurable illness. Her goal is to educate people about EDS with the hopes that more people will be diagnosed, strengthening the network of doctors that treat the disorder and helping those who face the uncertainties of living life with an invisible illness. In sharing her art, she is baring her soul in order to help others. She also loves to create, whether it's painting or crafting. It isn't often that she feels up to the tasks, so she just does bits here and there. She also enjoys gardening - or watching her sweetheart garden - and can make a mean vegan pesto with organ home-grown basil. She currently resides in Seattle, Washington with her wife and a house full of fur-kids, 3 cats and 2 dogs. For more information on EDS, including how to support important and promising research for treatments and cures, Click Here to visit her site. (2014)  

Laura Wrede

is a California based greeting cards and print artist for Irene Irene Art. Laura also writes and helps small businesses with their creative needs through her business, PGS Studio. "I created a line of zebra cards recently. That was before I knew I was one." Laura's family was diagnosed with EDS in March of 2015. This is a new journey for Laura and her family as they learn what has haunted them for generations. Click Here to visit Laura's shop. Click Here to learn more about Laura and the artistic and creative services she can provide. (2015)

The Art of Paint & Ink

Art of Crochet

Art of Music

Shae Leighland-Pence

is a mom of two grown boys, six cats, and a dog. Shae has EDS and Dysautonomia and is mostly housebound. She resides on the scenic lower slopes of the Shenadoah Valley's Great North Mountain in Virginia and copes with her condition by creating art and designing jewelry. Shae specializes in a unique line of medical alert and awareness bracelets and pendants. Click Here to browse Shae's unique creations. Shae is also an active advoate and blogs about her personal journey. Click Here to visit Shae's blog. (2013)

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Melissa Regas 

is a Fine Artist, Published Author, and a Poet. She is passionate about advocating for Artists with Disabilities. Regas is a public speaker and guest artist in New York, Michigan, Kentucky, as well as in her home state of California. Regas creates art to inspire hope. She published a book titled, Sketches of a Disabled Princess, available through Amazon or Barnes and Noble online. Click Here for more on Melissa Regas. (2012)

EDS Artisans


The EDS community is full of extremely ambitious, creative individuals in constant pursuit of self-expression and achievement of masterpieces. 

Fabiola Vargas Andre

is a 34 year old talented Fantasy Artist and Photographer. She was diagnosed with EDS Type 3 in 2013, but has been struggling for more than 15 years with symptoms and pain until it made her stop drawing for long periods of time due to pain in her hands. Fabiola is doing her best to work on her health now that she knows what is happening to her. She hopes to continue drawing and creating art because this is what she loves to do. In addition to her art and photography, Fabiola also sings on occasion. Click Here to visit Fabiola's Facebook Page. (2013)

Nadia Bodkin

is the founder of EDSers United and loves to crochet. Crocheting is one of the main methods Nadia uses in order to de-stress and relax. Crocheting allows her to focus on a simple project that ultimately results in the development of unique artistic piece, whether it is a hat, hair clip, headband accessory, keychain, or some other new creation. Nadia's passion for crochet allowed for the development of EDSers United's CC's Fundraising Program. CC's represents the phrase, "Crocheted for a Cause." 100% of the proceeds raised from the CC's Fundraiser goes to support EDSers United. Click Here to learn more about the CC's Fundraiser. 

EDSers United



Gaby Leba

is a 17 year old senior at Lampeter Strasburg High School in Pa. Gaby is a Musician EDS/POTS Warrior. She has been suffering from her condition since she was 7 years old and received a diagnosis of EDS when she was 15 years old as a result of a shoulder injury/subluxation/sprain. Gaby has had to quit playing her violin in the school Orchestra due to her health condition. She has performed in school musicals, the chorus, and vocal classes. She also had 3 heart ablations due to extra electrical pathway-SVT-AVNRT. Gabby has taught herself the guitar and ukelele; and sings along as she plays her instruments. It helps her relax and feel alive. Gabby plans on pursuing her musical passion after graduating high school in June. She will be taking a year off before going off to college in order to focus on her health. In that year off Gabby plans on continuing to perfect her musical talents. Music has saved her life and has become her best medicine for coping with EDS and POTS. Gaby also loves to bake, and make jewelry, in addition to singing with friends and recording music when she can. Gabby is a huge inspiration to all of her friends, family members and everyone that she comes into contact with. She is such a courageous person with a very bright future. 

Brandy Everett

is a digital fantasy artist from Central Arkansas, USA. Her work primarily focuses on fantasy and emotive pieces. Brandy's art has been featured on postcards, book covers, tattoos, and 3D art magazines and has won various awards and honors from her peers. Brandy is available for commissions for Character, Fantasy, and RPG portrait pieces. Her art is primarily 3D model renderings and is done with painting in photoshop, psp, etc. Brandy also creates unique handcrafted jewelry and accessories. Brandy has had a life long love of fantasy, western, pinup and wildlife art. She is especially drawn to the work of Brom, Julie Bell, Boris Vallejo, Henri Peter, Amy Brown, Les Toil, and a host of other talented artists. Brandy is a licensed artist with My Tubed Art Licensing and Management, as well. Prints and merchandise featuring Brandy's work are available at DevianArt and Etsy. Click Here to check Brandy out on Facebook. (2012)

Isabella Kondracki 

is a homeschooling student getting ready to enter high school. Art has always been a passion of hers and an outlet while attempting to cope with EDS. Isabella was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Type III when she was 8 years old. She also has many other health problems. Her art is a way for her to express her feelings and emotions. (2013)