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Paint to Donate Artist - Recruiting

Project Description: This person will be the professional artist leading the paint classes for our Paint to Donate parties within the state of NJ. For more information on how to become a professional artist for our Paint to Donate parties feel free to email us at EDSersUnited@edsers.org   

We are currently recruiting for the following working advisory committees:

  • Medical Advisory Board
  • Scientific Research Advisory Board
  • Business Advisory Board

If you would like to be considered for either one of the above working advisory committees, please submit your resume and a member of our team will be in touch to further discuss potential placement.

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Don't have time to volunteer?

Grant Writer Intern - Filled

Project Description: This person is responsible seeking out and applying for grants on behalf of EDSers United 

Fundraising Directors - Recruiting

Project Description: This person is responsible for directing and managing a fundraiser on behalf of EDSers United within their state of residency. In order to maintain the title of Fundraising Director, the fundraising event must be hosted on an annual basis by the designated Fundraising Director. Please contact us for more details regarding the benefits of being a Fundraising Director for EDSers United.

Projects in need of Volunteers

Development Intern - Filled

Project Description: The Development Intern works directly with the Board Director. This individual conducts donor research and puts together prospect lists. They are also responsible for updating the donor database, matching phone calls, and in person asks. They will work with the department to help plan and fundraise our annual events. 

Run a Workshop - Recruiting

Project Description: EDSers United is always looking for people or groups to facilitate workshops at our community support program locations within the state of NJ. If you are a motivational speaker, can facilitate arts and craft projects for kids, organize exercise classes (safe for EDSers), or teach valuable skills like money management, nutritional management, family relations management, etc. please sign up for this project and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Blog Interns - Recruiting

Project Description: This person is responsible for submitting articles/blogs at least once every two months to be potentially featured on EDSers United's Special Guest Blog page. Blog Interns have 100% creative control in terms of topics to discuss and write about, we simply request that the ultimate message of the piece be positive and applicable to the EDS community. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Welcome to EDSers United's Registration & Volunteer Information System. Thank you for your desire to serve as a part of the Volunteers of EDSers United's team. The following events, programs, initiatives, and projects listed below are those that still need volunteers. We look forward to serving the EDS community with you!